Amazing Promises to Dysfunctional People


In the 20-message series, Amazing Promises to Dysfunctional People, Dr. John Neufeld looks at the life of a very dysfunctional family—the family of Abraham. Join Dr. John as he explores the relational brokenness found in Genesis 25-36.

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How could the book of Genesis end up with a dysfunctional family, and what can we learn about the promises of God through these chapters? Sin has its consequences, and one of those consequences is that human relationships are broken. Human beings desire relationship, but we are hopelessly divided. Division can show up in a variety of ways, and this series shows us just that! If you like honesty, this will be a refreshing series to listen to! So, listen and be challenged by the calling on our lives to live with integrity—even when our world around us is crumbling.