Product Description

In this 2-week series, Dr. Neufeld takes us on a “tour” to discover the Bible’s storyline which centres on God, His glory and what He did through Christ to reconcile the world to Himself.

Week 1

Program 1: Introduction to the Whole Bible
Genesis 1-3

Program 2: The Fall to the Choosing of a People
Genesis 3-50/Job

Program 3: The Giving of the Law
Exodus – Deuteronomy

Program 4: Promised Land to King David
Joshua – 2 Samuel

Program 5: Kings: Hope, Renewal and Decline
Kings, Chronicles, Prophets

Week 2

Program 6: Prophets, Judgment and the Return of the Exiles
Jeremiah – Esther

Program 7: Jesus and the Coming of the Kingdom
Matthew – John

Program 8: Jesus, the Kingdom and the New Era

Program 9: The Epistles and the Church
Scripture: Various

Program 10: The Consummation of All Things